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Phone Number: 503-537-6577
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Practice description

Hows the trauma you’ve faced in life working for you? Do you feel as if it keeps coming up to haunt you, no matter what you do?

The effects of trauma won’t just go away on their own; and can effect all aspects of your life-physical and mental….bleeding into your relationships. Are you tired of feeling so “off”? Reiki can help.

If you’re looking for better sleep, relaxation, pain relief, release of the mental chatter, or just an overall boost in health, a session with Amber is what you need.

Amber was a Massage Therapist for 16 years and has been a Reiki Master practitioner since 2005. She has been “blessed” with an abundance of trauma throughout her life and can empathize with you-alcoholic parent, domestic abuse, multiple deaths of loved ones, parenting a troubled teen, and more. She has found ways to heal her own wounds and is always able to see the silver lining…even if it takes a little time.

And, she has intimate knowledge of what not dealing with the wounds can do to your life!

A session with Amber is restorative and totally healing – Infused with comforting mother energy.

She offers in-person sessions in Portland, OR or distance sessions over the phone or via Zoom.

Listen to her podcast Holistic Healing Connection

Amber is also the founder of HealingWaze and a business coach. Learn more about her coaching programs for other holistic healing professionals HERE. 


$1-200 (pay what you can)

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Reviews (17)

October 16 2019

Amber is positively excellent business coach, brimful of ideas for marketing. Her enthusiasm, caring, and knowledge make for a stellar experience in working with her. I really look forward to growing my business with her. Thanks, Amber!

Spartan Guy 1968
August 8 2019

My first Reiki and it was super awesome! I really had no idea what it was, and on the surface it seemed kinda woo woo to me, but Amber is such an amazing person, I thought I needed to give it a shot. I found the session to be SUPER relaxing, even for my monkey brain. There were chants, rose water mists and crystals, how could my scientific brain handle this?? It turns out it handled it very well. It’s nice to be able to venture into our spiritual / energy selves from time to time. I do float tanks and after this session I felt similarly to a post float, very calm, relaxed and just more in tune with things. I highly recommend this to anyone on the fence about energy healing and you can’t go wrong with Amber, simply the BEST!


January 1 1970

Laura Rowe
November 28 2018

Amber has helped me so much. I have been recovering from a surgery and have had so much stiffness and residual pain. Her incredible skill and body knowledge has transformed my body. I have less pain and I always feel amazing after her massage. 5,000 gold stars.

Vanessa C.
November 27 2018

Amber is a real joy and her massage was just magical. I left feeling much better and the next day I didn’t feel sore either. I would highly recommend her! 🙂 She has magical hands. 🙂

May 31 2018

Another healing massage by Amber. Heaven on earth.

May 16 2018

Another perfectly healing, relaxing and meditative massage from Amber.

April 25 2018

Always look forward to my monthly massage. Amber finds exactly where the tight areas are then puts her magic hands to work. My muscles feel so much more flexible and happy after my session. Amber is a wonderful and caring massage therapist.

April 17 2018

Amber is a truly gifted healer. I am so grateful for her treatments and the way she is able to read just what my body needs to feel better. Thank you so much!

April 5 2018

Amber is an intuitive and generous practitioner. She listens to what you say and what your body tells her.

February 28 2018

Amazing!! Amber did some awesome work on my neck and got rid of ‘crunchie’ bits that had been there for years. 90 minutes flew by – peaceful and calm environment

HV Momma
February 23 2018

If there is such a thing as Magic Hands, Amber has them. I had the pleasure of seeing Amber earlier this week and I’m still on cloud nine. She listened to what my trouble spots were and was mindful of a recent injury. Thanks Amber, looking forward to getting to know you better!

December 14 2017

A much-needed massage to target trouble areas that have caused issues. Immediate relief and more flexibility afterward. Amber is an incredibly talented massage professional!

December 14 2017

Once again a wonderful massage from Amber. I never leave disappointed. She’s not afraid to really “dig in” and work a stressed muscle, IT band or anything that’s acting up. Go Amber!!! And many thanks for taking such good care of me all these years!

November 7 2017

Amber massages with purpose for each move. She finds the source of a problem and “digs in”. She’s amazing and knows her stuff! I’m so grateful for her.

October 26 2017

Amber is truly an artist when it comes to massage. I always leave after a session much more relaxed and limber and looking forward to my next session.

October 24 2017

Amber is a phenomenal massage therapist as well as person. She is able to target the areas that need special attention. Having a regular massage from Amber is essential for my well-being and I am thankful I have found a dedicated and competent professional to assist me.

October 11 2017

Amber is amazing and has been a valuable part of my rehab after many hip and back surgeries. I’m still active today because of her.

Louise Carroll
September 20 2017

For many years I have seen Amber every other week. She is part of my life program to move more, eat healthier and generally take better care of myself (physically and emotionally). Her massages make me stop, take a breath and of course, work on those spots needing special attention. It both works the body and soothes its soul.

Other business info

Patients accepted: Any
Ages treated: Children, Teens, Adults, 65-85, 86+
Conditions treated: Anxiety, Back Pain, Headache, Trauma
Same day appointments: No
Outcall/home visits: No
Office type: Other

Insurance accepted: None
Payment types accepted: Cash, Check, Credit

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