By Dafna Golan-Carbone

“Is she a quack?”

Have you ever thought or said this about someone you didn’t really know?
I know I have, and I have been thinking about this term recently.

To be called a quack is probably the worst nightmare for any practitioner of any kind!

It’s okay if you’ve questioned whether I’m a quack, here are the facts:

  • I don’t have a medical degree (I just have a roomful of certifications)
  • I don’t perform any kind of surgery or procedure
  • I don’t diagnose
  • I don’t prescribe medication (or anything else for that matter)
  • I don’t claim to cure anybody or any thing
  • I don’t manipulate or do anything TO the body
  • I don’t try to fix anything or anyone

Here’s why I sleep well at night (when I can make my mind stop trying to solve the problems of the world):

I don’t promise I can make your body do anything, but I can promise that you and I will team up to guide your body back to healing itself.
(Because, really, no-one and no-thing can MAKE your body heal. It’s the ultimate inside job.)
I don’t know how each person’s system will react but I know that, to date, 99% of my clients have seen improvement ranging from immediate resolution of pain and other symptoms to significant and sustained relief they had not been able to get before. No matter what they came in for.

So someone may call me a quack, but that’s because they don’t know me!

They don’t know I produce [amazing] results for my clients.
All I care about is YOU; and your amazingly happy, healthy, FREE self.

I’ll leave you with a quote from my website:

“Will Your Story Change Today?”

So much love,