Written By Gail Serna

Learning to use your intuition may help to relieve suffering, enable you to make sound decisions, and discover your soul’s messages.

5 advantages of using your intuition to guide you:

  1. Trust and understand your higher self
  2. Feel safe in situations that are out of your control
  3. Clear your aura of unwanted energy
  4. Discover the language of one’s soul.
  5. Make sound decisions.

Your emotional pain will lessen as you trust and develop your intuition.
I can give countless scenarios where my intuition has helped me. It led me to the proper doctors in 2011 and the right treatment plan when I had cancer. I knew that I had to go to the cancer surgeon in a particular hospital over the other choice of hospitals and doctors in my area. Using my psychic ability of feeling and knowing my journey was one of healing. I could relax and I am proud to report my health is better than ever.

You’ll feel safe in uncertain situations or toxic environments.
Imagine this continuous stream that surrounds your body. The vibration is on a different awareness in your mind. It flows from one individual to another based on a person’s desired intent or thought. Since this is the case, some people may walk around with energy that is not beneficial to them or others.

You may see this play out at the mall, at family gatherings or parties with friends. The minute you encounter another person or are speaking with them, their life force energy transfers to your field (meaning you can “feel” it). By developing your intuition, you will learn techniques on how to control this transference.

Clear your aura of unwanted energy.
Our Divine Creator gave you tools to clear energy from yourself and others. As you perceive what is going on around you through your psychic senses, you may notice unwanted energy. You can clear this energy by focusing on loving thoughts and using prayer protocols.

Use your psychic senses to discover the language of your soul.
Intuition and psychic senses go hand in hand. As you begin to trust your psychic senses, you will develop your psychic receptors or centers, including:

  • Feeling (clairsentience)
  • Hearing (clairaudience)
  • Seeing (clairvoyance)
  • Knowing (claircognizance)

This expertise will help you perceive the flow in your aura and the surrounding energy. We all have at least one sense we are using already; it is considered your dominant psychic property. When you develop your intuition, you will increase the awareness of all of them.

Your intuition can help you make sound decisions.
Good decisions will allow you to stay on the correct path. How many detours have you taken that you wished you could have known not to proceed and go in a different direction?

There are many practical illustrations of how your intuition can guide you down the correct route. Here’s an example:

  1. Imagine you are choosing a new job. Allow this to be at the forefront of your mind.
  2. Relax by taking a few slow deep breaths. Close your eyes if that helps relax you.
  3. Take a pause and see if you can tell how it makes you feel in your gut/stomach?
  4. Are you anxious about it? Then maybe this position is not the ideal one or you need to do more research before taking a new position. Or this could be a sign that you should take it but keep looking for the right opportunity.
  5. Do you feel calm in your gut/stomach? Then most likely this is the right job for you.

By combining your psychic and your physical senses; making decisions will be easier for you. The stress of daily living will disappear, and you will gain the clarity and wisdom to know you are walking in the right direction, metaphorically. Life is a series of choices and when you can learn to use your intuition; your confidence will improve, you’ll feel a greater sense of peace, and live life on your own terms.