Manifesting in Hypnosis-Vancouver

Come ready to focus on a dream that you want to make into reality while in hypnosis! Create while deeply relaxed . Bring your journal, pen and water. Bring a yoga mat if you want to lie on the ground during the hypnosis session. Only 20 spots available and this workshop usually sells out. The [...]

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Portland Lunch Meetup: Building Business Momentum (with Paulette Rees-Denis)

As a business entrepreneur, it’s serious yet joyful work to take care of yourself first, so you can continue to have the desire and momentum to grow and thrive in your business. That momentum includes both stillness and movement, of body and soul and heart. This month, Paulette Rees-Denis will share with you easy steps [...]

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Hot Wire Your Inner GPS: Bust through the mountains of bullshit and find your path

Do you ever feel lost? Do you ever wonder how you got here, exactly? Are you scared that you might never get on the path you really want to be on? Do you battle with self criticism and feeling stuck? This is a small group coaching program for women in midlife who are ready to [...]

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Flow: Finding Your Business Rhythm as Spirit-led Business Owner

In this installment of Birthing a Spirit-led Business, Laura and Vanessa will discuss flow and the rhythm of business. In business and life, most people operate from a place of “busy-ness.” Spirit-led entrepreneurs have an opportunity to drop deep into their own natural rhythms of growth and development. Learn methods for listening to your own [...]

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Visibility: Healing your Shadow and Honoring Your Business Spirit

Are you feeling like you are living in the shadows? Having trouble attracting clients? In this talk, Laura and Vanessa will expand on their exploration of Spirit-led Entrepreneurship by diving into the topic of visibility. Visibility is one of the biggest challenges in the life of every entrepreneur. It is also one of the most [...]

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Birthing a Spirit-led Business

Calling all creatives, healers, and changemakers! Come learn how to birth a Spirit-led business. More and more people are being called to pursue a business that feels in alignment with their heart and soul. This is not a coincidence, it is Spirit-led, and Laura and Vanessa will share how you can navigate this new terrain. [...]

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Intuitive Eating Workshop- Eat what you want, feel fully nourished.

Join Tiffany Thoen, RN, Integrative Coach, to learn about the Intuitive Eating principles. Intuitive eating teaches us to focus on giving our bodies what we need instead of following arbitrary dieting rules. Come learn a new way to approach food so you can finally have the freedom, balance, and satisfaction crave. More about Coach Tiffany- [...]

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