By Vanessa Couto

(Continued from Part 1)

  •  Of spines and dragons – In trying to understand what was happening, I did what we moderns do: I googled all that I could find on the spine and treatments of it. After seeing so many images of the spine and its vertebrae, I felt I was looking at the skeleton of a dragon.That got me thinking–the spine is our dragon. Perhaps the remnants of when we were dragons. I’m not fascinated with dragons, but after this experience, I know I’ll be exploring the mythology of dragons more. Suffice to say for now, that our spine is our conduit of communication, it carries our electrical and vibrational frequency (nothing like a sense of shock coming from inside your body to make you respect our ‘electric system’), and it is the backbone (pun intended) of our incarnated soul. It’s the dragon within.


  • Death – when the pain was like a high-voltage shock running through my leg, leaving me with the sensation of being burned alive, I wanted the release of death. Why couldn’t I be a game character, hit ‘stop’ and then hit ‘replay’? My mind went there. It’s not about being dramatic, but it fascinated me how easily the thought of death comes a-knocking. (Which always brings me to my thoughts that our culture needs to make piece with death, otherwise, ironically enough, we will end killing ourselves. But this is a topic for another article.).

Ok, so what about the astrology?

I couldn’t help but feel that my pain was related to Saturn. Much of what I said here is related to Saturn: the Old Devil, often portrayed with a sickle and wearing a cloak. He could easily be taken as the Grim Reaper, but Saturn does have this element of ending something. The buck stops here.

Saturn is also about slowness–the foundation of things, what gives you support and holds you up (think of your bones!) It freezes things. It’s also about fear (where angels fear to tread).

Wherever we have Saturn in our birth charts or in transit; it points to where/what we fear. It points to where our alchemical work–the grand opus of our life, is to be done. The ingredients are there; the spot where Saturn lives in your birth chart.

“Because Saturn says no where Jupiter says yes, his process is associated with ends, pain, suffering, and limitation, and he suffers a very bad press.” – Alice O’Howell

Saturn isn’t all bad, but when its call goes unanswered it will literally bring you down to your knees – it rules the joints, also the bones and skin. All that gives us structure. I’ve been on my knees in child’s pose so much lately that I have some great insight about Saturn and the nature of making things manifest.

Saturn and its process is fundamental to our three-dimensional world, for it speaks to manifestation itself.

To be on one’s knees, in supplicant, surrender position is an acknowledgment of another’s authority – God, Goddess, higher intelligence, etc. The position has you looking inward, because the head is down. It’s not about the outside world, it’s about the inner relationship between the authorities within you.

It’s in this inner relationship that we are able to see what is truly ours to give away.

Saturn is fair in its strict manner. What Saturn is often trying to teach us is that the way through its challenges is through being more ourselves and in the service of the other. Although, never forgetting that it has to be fair. As astrologer Alice O’Howell explains: it’s like a card game, you can’t give all the cards to your partner, otherwise there’s no game; you have to deal one for you, one for your partner.

I don’t know yet, what will come from this experience that I’m having, but I do feel I’m being initiated. Saturn sure is the Lord of initiating us into surrender. Which I don’t know about you, but I find so hard to do!

For now all I can do is ask Saturn what do I need to do to achieve what I want. In taking Saturn as a teacher, it’s better than skewing its lessons only to have to face them at a later time.