Vanessa Couto, Archetypal Astrologer and Brand Genesis Expert 

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Vanessa Couto

Vanessa Couto is passionate about helping others align their soul’s purpose with their livelihood, especially when it comes to creating a business aligned with one’s calling. She does this as an archetypal astrologer and teacher, and as the Brand Genesis expert for Otterburn & Co., the design agency she runs with her husband, Jason Storey.

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As an astrologer, she helps creatives and mystics who want to understand how to align their soul’s calling with a more fulfilling livelihood. She believes we each are born as an answer to a question of our times, and it’s our time to step up to the plate. Through weaving astrology, myth, and depth psychology, Vanessa helps her clients see the path ahead from a broader perspective so that they can move forward with clarity and confidence. Learn more about this aspect of Vanessas work on her HealingWaze wellness professional profile.

Vanessa weaves knowledge of psychology and branding to help HealingWaze and our Holistic Success Members connect to our business brand archetypes. Working with Brand Archetypes is a powerful compass that helps us create, align and focus our marketing efforts. Through the HealingWaze University, Vanessa offers virtual classes and support to our members.

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