Written By Gail Serna

What is a Paradigm Shift?

A paradigm shift is a transformation in consciousness or a spiritual awakening where we can feel, sense, or know our God Source and the divine energy which is flowing freely through us. Having an awareness of this heavenly energy is who we relate to when we pray and who we resonate with when we think of God. (At this point we should be able to formulate what this represents to us.)

More people than ever before are experiencing their paradigm shift. Who is ready for this experience?

Why Is the Shift Something to Concern Ourselves With?

  • Shifting into different vibrational states of awareness is an important aspect of our soul’s growth and our planet’s.
  • Our energy affects not only our mood but others around us. We pattern our behavior after those that are closest to us and this at times can be damaging to our existence.
  • No matter what life has dealt us–our thoughts, our minds, and our ego can go through an overhaul from the negative banter that is in a constant state of movement to an awareness where we are cultivating our mind and re-framing our brain to tell a different story. This process is gradual and very empowering.
  • Living our best life starts with a strong desire to know there is something greater in us all yearning to have a connection and be heard.

Do Not Fear This Process!

Allow for this shift to take place especially during this challenging time that we find ourselves in right now. Many people fear this process, but this shift in consciousness is a normal step toward a greater awareness of the divine self that is in us all. Some, however, will not be ready and that is OK. Each person is down their own path or spiritual journey.

There is Something Greater!

The direction you should take:

  1. Pray regularly
  2. Have an open heart, mind, and a desire to make the connection with the divine energy.

For those who are ready; the shift will happen naturally.

How Does One Know If the Shift Is Taking Place?

  • A feeling and a sense of peace will wash over you.
  • Perhaps your psychic senses will start interacting with your physical senses–giving you greater clarity and more ah ha moments in life.
  • Synchronicities will line up and your knowledge that you are on our life’s path will greatly increase.

When these things fall into place it is a good idea to find support through a mentor or someone who has been through the process as well.

Be the Shining Light and Lead by Example!

Allowing ourselves to be the shining light for others who are trying to find their way and set the example is the key to this re-birthing process of one’s self. By living in our own inner integrity, speaking our truth, doing things that bring us joy, setting appropriate boundaries, merging our psychic senses with our physical senses; and practice loving-kindness toward ourselves and others is the key toward this new acceptance of the paradigm shift that is happening all around us.